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Two simple ways right now!

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2. Use our forums and join in, start a blog, tell us your story!
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Donate to Transgender Zone People often want to support Transgender Zone, there is little doubt we have saved many lives over the decades, maybe even yours? But many worry that they will be 'outed' if they do so in their financial records. Even when they finally reach their goals transpeople may then want to live in stealth as their new gender role and again still cannot donate.



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The other problem of course is ADBlock can remove content, images, javascript that the site requires to run properly. We know ads are a pain, but you are helping us when you view them, so please tolerate this, and by doing so you have helped us help others! If you would like to donate Altcoins please see below. Use our banners in the Shop.


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Donate Virtual Currencies

At Transgender Zone we are acutely aware just how difficult being trans can be. By far the biggest issue is privacy and complete confidence. Fear of being 'outed' even after surgery/transition (as you may be living in 'stealth') is a huge barrier to full participation in your community. However, despite there being various methods to donate funds to help out. Many can be traceable back to you. Paypal can reveal your location even! However, there are some ways where you can donate without anyone knowing who you are or why you have donated. Here are a couple of options you might like to try. Contact us here in any event. And fill out the contact form.

Second Life Lindens


Second Life

Donate Lindens Inworld in Second Life

If you are a regular user of the virtual world game Second Life and want to 'tip us' inworld you can.

If you have never heard of Second Life it is an amazing virtual universe. You can link your paypal to your character inworld and donate like that. If you already are a user of the game let us know. If you want to donate in SL please email us here and we will tell you the name of the avatar to pay. This is perhaps by far the easiest and most secure means to 'tip' us.

Example Donations - This is the approximate Exchange Rate.

L$2500 = £5.00
L$5000 = £10.00
L$10000 = £20.00

What is Second Life?




Some people may find it more privacy-friendly or more convenient to donate via Bitcoin (a nerdy anonymous digital currency for now! But this is likely to change as it gains momentum and popularity) rather than PayPal.

This is where Bitcoin maybe the answer for our community. You can donate without the fear of anyone finding out.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer electronic money and payment network introduced in 2009 by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto". Bitcoin has been called a cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography to secure transactions Digitally signed payment messages are broadcast to and verified by a decentralized network of computers all over the world.(wikipedia).

Advantages of using them for transgender people

Quite simply anonymity - you may want to support but worry that you maybe exposed or outed if you do so.

Bitcoin prevents that happening as it is confidential. Feel good donating and feel safe.

If you know about Bitcoin already then you likely are able to donate as you may posses some. You can donate any amount to Transgender Zone via this QR Code.

Or by this address -

Before you Donate please email us here although you do not have to of course ;)

You can download a bitcoin wallet here:

and even use your own computer to mine bitcoins here to make your own.

Thank you fo supporting us!

Bitcoin Exchange Rates

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