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What are people saying about tzoneteam support? These are genuine quotes!

"Heaven knows what state i would be in or anyone else for that matter if we had not come across this little life boat x"

'Finding this site and especially the forum has been a god send for me. The people here are always willing to offer advice and support, and have done so. I consider them friends and hope that someday I can repay their kindness.' (Trans Man)

"Awww you folks are great, i'm so glad i met such a well rounded and sound bunch of people to talk things through, i could easily have found someone who laughed at me and sent me further down the path of depression but in the last few months I've accomplished what i thought was impossible and that's thanks to the help I've gotten from this forum :-)"

Id like to thank all you tzone people for being yourself. Reading your stories and stuff really helped me get through a bad time last year. But im better now and I think ready to start changing things. This community is really cool because its not about vanity or sex and it doesn't dumb down the issues that are important. When I found this site it was a breath of fresh air and I have been lurking for like 9 months while trying to figure things out and now I think I'm ready to both start posting and seek help for this.

Just heard from the lady from the PCT. She's writing the letter to my GP as we speak.
I GOT THE FUNDING FOR MY CHEST SURGERY. I don't remember ever being as happy as I am right now. Feels like a weight has been lifted off me. I'd do cartwheels now if I could. Id like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have offered me support and advice over the matter of the PCT

"This is the only genuine site I have found that is there to help and support you, the others are sex sites really. Steer clear of the others through personal experience"

New here, and for the first time actually finding a good forum for Ts."

"Being able to talk to others on this site has been a total turn around for me. I've been able to talk to my mum and my doctor. More than I've done in 10 years. I can't thank everyone here enough. I also feel a lot better inside." (a younger trans person)