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Why advertise with us?

If your business is looking to target the transgender community there is no better place than transgenderzone.

The transgender community of course need the same products as everybody else, but there are many products that are in demand. Make-up, hairpieces, larger sized shoes, hair-removal products and services, larger sized fashionable clothing lines, support garments and specialist transgender lifestyle products and so on.

What are the advantages of targeted advertising?

It has been proven over the years that the right ad in the right place is more likely to give you a return on your investment than it being lost amongst thousands of others. Targeted advertising reaches the customers you want. People who need your products will see your ads rather than the high risk approach of hoping someone will come along by chance that then may take an interest.

If you think that your products maybe in demand by the transgender community then take out some advertising with us and see. Our advertisers renew time and time again. We want you to make money. It is not in our interests for you to lose out as you will not renew. We are driven to give your banners non-rotated maximum exposure and our package includes the best pages on tzone guaranteeing your ads will be seen.


Yes! We build your banner for you absolutely free!

Your completed banner once you have signed it off will appear across the entire network, and unlike other ads that are rotated and may have to share space we only have you ads permanently on, they do not share space with anyone - we put them there and there they stay!

  • Homepage index - Permanently on show!.
  • Marketplace (Every Page!) - Permanently on show!
  • Library (Every Page!) Permanently on show! .
  • Forum - Our busiest page on the site with many 1000s of hits daily! Permanently on show!
  • Media Page and Blog Page - Permanently on show!
  • Shop Sub Page category - Permanently on show! With larger explanation and larger banner of your products - permanently on show! For a sub category we will need a 540 x 152 banner (static jpeg or we can create it for you!) and or some text to describe your business.
  • Big Ads!!! - We offer some of the biggest and brightest ads on the net! Your ad cannot be missed! This is great for advertisers we host the banners locally so it is less likely to be blocked with adblockers. The sidebar accomodates media sized 300 x 250 Media ad sizes by default and for fantastic value! If you want a smaller format and even better value then check out out mid forum banner option which is 160 x 160!
  • We even throw in our 18+ site used for mature conversations and surgery images etc... That are unsuitable on the G-rated .com site (if you are happy to be shown there) - this is as a gesture of good will and a free option offered.

If you want transgender clicks then this is where you start!

Adaptive/Reactive -

Ads and pages are able to resize for mobile - watch the video to see what that means.

Transgender Zone is Fully Responsive for Mobile!

Enhance your business and target the transgender community

We regularly run many ad networks and affiliates on this site.

Imagine what a banner can do for your business when posted on Transgender Zone!

  • Target the transgender community
  • Be visible on one of the most popular transgender websites in the UK -plus of course worldwide referrals


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