Natural Herbal Hormones - Pueraria Mirifica





Natural Oestrogens or Herbal Estrogens

Oestrogens are responsible for the development of female secondary sexual characteristics. However, there are a number of reasons why a trans* person may not want to obtain a prescription for 'full strength' HRT. This has historically always been a challenge. As to have a medical transition a patient is prescribed HRT similar to this here.

However, many transgender people (and women assigned female at birth) are seeing transition as something they wish to control. And may well feel unwell with heavy doses of HRT. Over the years we have seen many products making very rash claims, and few can be backed up with any actual clinical trails.


This is where Pueraria Mirifica steps in. This natural hormone has made some headway in clinical trials and the results are promising! Especially as a mood stabaliser and natural breast growth. Sometimes this is all people want. To just feel better and have oestrogen in their system. The transgender community worldwide has taken some considerable interest in this product and you need not just take our word for it, but rather consult the trials themselves on respected sites such as PubMed.


Initial opinion seems to be favourable and here are just a few referenced quotes to reinforce this:


"Pueraria mirifica (PM), a plant whose dried and powdered tuberous roots are now widely used in rejuvenating preparations to promote youthfulness in both men and women, may have major estrogenic influence." (PubMed)
"Initiation resulted in significant elevation of cell proliferation in the mammary glands. [Breast Growth]" (PubMed)
"Until now, no serious side effects have been recorded with the prescribed safe dosage" (PubMed)
"Both dosages of Pueraria mirifica were similarly effective and safe in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.(PubMed)"


If you wish to take a herbal alternative there is little better available than this product.




For more information on this product you can contact a UK distributor of Pueraria Mirifica here.

*For full details and risks associated with HRT please consult your doctor before taking. References: